Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is "Phoenix Mom Rising?"

A: It is a blog that tells the story of one woman's journey — mine — to rise from the ashes. But really, it is every woman's journey to rise from the ashes, because we all fall at some point. As resilient as women are, when we fall, we develop the strength, bravery and compassion to support one another's paths and love ourselves more wholeheartedly.

Q: Why does This Blog exist?

A: Because I must write it. I find clarity in expressing myself and my experience through writing, and I write here about that which I know best: my own experience. 

Also because I hope to build a community of women — single moms, formerly single moms, never single moms and simply compassionate, remarkable women — who support and inspire each other with "the three E's:" empathy, encouragement and empowerment. To propel that effort, please share posts from Phoenix Mom Rising with all the badass moms and amazing women you know!

Q: What will I get out of reading this blog?

A: Great stories. Not always happy stories, but great stories by a woman who loves to write. I share my experience with the intention to connect with others and perhaps inspire women who are similarly face down in the ashes, in the same way that other women have inspired and comforted me.

I'm a single mama, but I'm also a nomadic, travel-loving single mom. And a get-down-in-the-kitchen cooking single mom. And a single mom who has struggled down a wellness path constantly striving to grow.

In reading this blog, you will witness me rising from the darkest and most difficult of my days, as I open myself up to what comes next.

Q: What Is Your Relationship With Your Ex Now?

A: While we are no longer partners, we will always be parents, so our primary focus is on our daughter. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a peaceful co-existence that ensures the calmest and most nurturing, stable upbringing possible for her. Each of us has worked through (and continues to process) immeasurable pain, and we've attempted to do so with love and empathy — admittedly not always easy!

It is important for Phoenix Mom Rising readers to remember that this blog is my journey, the feelings that I am experiencing and processing at any given moment in this new reality. He, of course, has his own. 

Q: Did This Blog Used To Be About Jersey City Or Overlanding The Americas?

A: Yes, it was! Phoenix Mom Rising began as “BURBS + a BBQ," when my young family moved from TriBeCa to Jersey City. BURBS shared my exploration of what a vibrant, enterprising and fun place Jersey City was for a HouseMom, as it rapidly transitioned from the red-headed stepchild across the Hudson River to the hottest new outlying area of New York City. Those posts are here.

BURBS transitioned into a family travel blog that shared the story of life overland in 2015, when my nomadic family left our fast-paced Big Apple life to cross North America from Cape Breton (Canada) to Los Angeles in an RV trailer named “Spriglet." Those posts are here.

Q: What devices do you use to take your pictures?

A: A combination of an iPhone 5S and a Canon EOS Rebel T4i, depending on where the photos are posted. My "Rising To The Road" posts are almost exclusively Canon photos (in fact, those posts are an excuse to share the overload of photos I take in the places I visit or deem "I cannot escape here without taking a photo of everything" destinations), with the occasional iPhone snap in the mix. Conversely, social media posts such as those on Instagram are almost exclusively iPhone photos with the occasional Canon snap in the mix.

I'm studying photography (thus the self-identification as an "aspiring" photographer) and am absolutely in love with learning how to take a gorgeous image. I continue this learning slowly but surely, as opportunities present themselves along my path. If you have a question about any particular photo, or any tips/feedback, I'd love to hear it! Please email me at 

Q: I used one of your photos, is that okay?

A: No, sorry, it's not. Please email me at before using or repurposing any photo on this blog in any way and I can explain the whys, hows and wheres. If you already used one and just saw this, you should get in contact with me too, please.

Q: Can I re-post one of your posts or any written content?

A: That will probably be cool or very cool, if you contact me first (again, at so I'm aware of what's going down and where, and if you provide a contextual link back. If you would be so kind as to do those things, I would be very grateful.


Do you have another question that is not answered Above? Please contact me Here and I'll answer as soon as Possible.