TheSE THREE ROAD WARRIORS ARE happiest on the move, AND prefer life on the road. LEArn more about them.

Brianna from BURBS + a BBQ

| BRIANNA | Mama, Writer + Aspiring PhotogRAPHER

Brianna is the nomadic mama, writer and aspiring photographer behind these tales of life on the road. With a thirst for adventure and a taste for culture, Brianna has always sought the path less traveled.

The first ten years of Brianna’s career involved managing clients and brands in the advertising industry, instigating her own global adventure called The Saturn Return Project™, leading the crew at IHAVEANIDEA. Inc., and most recently, partnering with the Love of Her Life to reinvigorate and reinvent ADC (Art Directors Club, the oldest non-profit advertising and design organization in the world) as its Director of Content + Communications.

Read more about Brianna here in "About Brianna."


| IGNACIO | "My Love" + Baby Daddy 

Ignacio fearlessly leads his crazy nomadic family along their #pathnopath, as the brilliantly skilled official tour director of the journey and "World's Best Dad."

In a past life, Ignacio was the Executive Director of ADC (Art Directors Club, the oldest non-profit advertising and design organization in the world), and President and Founder of IHAVEANIDEA, Inc., Portfolio Night™ and The Tomorrow Awards. He is still the man behind Giant Hydra. He left his job in New York City at the pinnacle of his career to embark upon this gorgeous adventure with his family.

Read more from Ignacio on his blog, the Great White Overlander Awakener.


The World's Cutest Human

| AMALIA | "The World's Cutest Human" 

Amalia, better known on The Blog as "The World's Cutest Human" (as determined by a biased panel of parents and grandparents), is the two-and-a-half year old household boss woman who keeps everyone inside "The Spriglet" trailer in line and on their toes. She is assisted by Elmo at all times (actually, a panel of six Elmo's of varying sizes and functions).

If Amalia's current household management skills are any indication, she will run the world some day.