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When a woman picks herself up from that ever-uncomfortable place of being face down in the ashes and starts to look around, she first thinks, "Did anyone see that?"

Then, as a resilient woman (as every one of us is), we realize, so what? I fell. It hurt. I'm not dead — so I'm saying I have another chance! And somewhere in that grief-sorting process, we look outside ourselves for examples of others who have survived their own trauma, curious about how they did it. Their strength gives us strength, and slowly, we build a little arsenal of resources that help us begin to rise.

These are mine, and I invite you to start here as you build your own arsenal.

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Rising Rushes


What would happen if we stopped being afraid of our pain? Bestselling author and Momastery founder Glennon Doyle takes you down the "journey of the warrior" and explains why there is no easy way out when it comes to life's challenges.


Rising Rock Stars

Ladies who inspire me to get up, ask questions, reconnect with the badass within, and be a better version of me.

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Generally inspiring women:

Specific to food, wellness, and health:

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Rising Book List

I devoured these authors' words for solace, for inspiration, for perspective, for tools to help myself rise. Perhaps you will find inspiration in them, as well. Click any book cover to see the full Rising Resources Book List.

What book is missing from this list? Let me know.