Our overland adventure would Never have MOVed an inch without "the great white" leading the way.



Year – 2005
Make – Toyota 4Runner
Model – Sport SUV 4D
Power –  V6, 245 HP
Length with hitch – 17'
Seats – 5 comfortably


HID and LED Lights
Rearview Camera
General Grabber 2 Tires
American Outlaw Rims
Pioneer Navigation System
Custom Rear and Fog Lights
Tinted Back Windows
Wind Deflectors
Cargo Roof Cage
De-badging (all decals, etc.)


ARB Old Man Emu Suspension
ARB Front Bumper
Warn 9.5xp Winch
Transmission Cooler
Mobile Signal Strength Amplifier
Electric Brake Control
Rust Undercoat
Rear Axle Breather Tube
Fire Extinguisher


If he wasn't already committed to me, I'm pretty sure that The Love of My Life would marry the bad mothertrucker we call "The Great White." He's totally in love with that 4Runner, and I'm okay with that.

The Great White is a serious machine and we seriously love it, more so now for facilitating this journey. It leads the way every single day, and it does so safely, comfortably, confidently and with plenty of space for us.

This truck was pretty badass when we got it. Many of its cosmetic upgrades were completed by its previous owner before we bought it (a hunter, we're guessing). My Love filled in the gaps. And then some.

He is in his happiest place any time he is caring for or interacting with The Great White — washing it, waxing it, researching modifications and upgrades, and most of all, driving it. 


While the specifications, modifications and upgrades listed to the right (below on mobile) give you an idea of how we got this bad boy ready to hit the road, My Love tells the real story much better than I, or a list, can attempt to do. 

Visit his blog, The Great White Overlander Awakener, to read the details of its pre-departure makeover and to see some sexy #truckporn shots of The Great White. He also wanes philosophical about this adventure we're on, how it was instigated, and life in general. 

Anytime I want brownie points in My Love's book, I clean the Great White. Little known fact: I'm pretty well trained in meticulously detailing a vehicle, thanks to my auto-fanatic of a dad. 

We're grateful to this rig for getting us this far. Come ride with us (virtually) in the great Great White!