A Jersey City Fairytale (aka The Background Story)

Once upon a time, a Gal abandoned her exceedingly fabulous nomadic life and moved to NYC -- Manhattan to be specific, and Tribeca to filter further -- to settle down with the Love of Her Life, lured by the opportunity to change the future of the advertising and design industries for the better. Then, the Gal found herself pregnant with the World's Cutest Human (as determined by a biased panel of parents and grandparents) and subsequently accepted the indefinitely temporary role of HouseMom.

The very same day that the Gal and the Love of Her Life brought the World's Cutest Human home from the hospital, they passed this sign on the West Side Highway:


And they chuckled. But the joke became less funny month after month, as the oak tree grew and the thimble seemed to shrink around them.

They were not happy --yes, even in their gorgeous, tiny Tribeca apartment -- and they knew there had to be a better way for them. One with more space, yet still quickly accessible to midtown Manhattan; that cost less money; was conducive to life with little people; and where they would not be bombarded by so many other humans. Is that so much to ask?

Brooklyn, they found, is just as expensive, for not that much more space, is hard to get around, and is swelling with more and more Manhattan-fleeing humans each day. That wouldn't do.

Jersey City on the other hand, well, that was another story. So, on the eve of the World's Cutest Human's first birthday, the Gal, the Love of Her Life and the offspring crossed under the Hudson River with a moving van to embark on a new life in "Chilltown."

To the Gal, it felt like they were moving out to the 'burbs (something she swore she'd never do). But the new house had a BBQ grill on a patio; their very own patio. So off they went. Not because they had to. Because they wanted to.

BURBS + A BBQ is their story, as their little family discovers Jersey City and shares the tale.

*Ahem, yes. Yes I did write this post in narrative third person.