It's Me I'm Looking For*

*Thanks to my recent week at the ADC Festival in Miami Beach, I've got Lionel Richie in my head on lock.  It's Me I'm Looking For, and my favorite pair of pants, and my running shoes, and that picture frame, and the baby's wipes warmer. Because everything is all over the place. and nothing is where it's supposed to be. Ah, the joys of moving. And yet, a pile of boxes and mess has never made me so happy.


I'm taking my time to unpack and organize, so as to be thoughtful about what we add in (or back in) to the new house, taking advantage of the potential to purge that which no longer suits who we, or I, are/am now, and what we need from this new space.

It's a really exciting and therapeutic process. But an all-encompassing, time-consuming one. So much has happened since we stepped through the threshold of our new Jersey City abode, and much that I'm excited to write about. But the light at the end of the unpacking tunnel is flickering so brightly nearly one month after we touched down, and I'm eager to reach it. Soon I'll pick up and kick off sharing this adventure in much-closer-to-real-time.

For now, I'll say that each morning we wake up grateful that we made this move. It's going to change the time we live in NYC (if NJ, at that) significantly for the better.

Yeah, you read that right.