The Jersey City-Lovin' Crew | Helpful JC Blogs, Sites + Publications

The media is becoming hip to the Jersey City hype (see media coverage here). But the locals who already know the best of Jersey City and share their knowledge about Chilltown on a constant basis are where you'll find the real deal. Below are the publications, sites and bloggers who inspire our family to explore and appreciate our new(ish) 'hood. These are the peeps who share our love for Jersey City so hard that they, too, must shout it from the rooftops. This crew, we just can't hold it inside.

Check out and bookmark this Jersey City-Lovin' Crew (which reminds me: have you bookmarked B+aBBQ yet? Add the feed to your reader, click "Follow" in the lower righthand corner of this screen or just bookmark the homepage):

EIGHTY Magazine This is, by far, the most stunning publication coming out of Jersey City right now, and one of its newest and biggest fans. Led by Marinell Montales and Chadner Navarro, and supported by a host of top editorial contributors, EIGHTY mag has been brought to life "by the village," as they put it (the village being its own in Jersey City, in case that wasn't obvious). It features gorgeous photography and short, interesting articles that highlight EIGHTY mag's JC favorites, from restaurants to entrepreneurs, coffee roasters to museums. Check them out online and find the distributor nearest you, like, ASAP. They are just two issues in, so you can still catch up.

ChicpeaJC ChicpeaJC is the most whimsical and raw Jersey City read. It's a culture blog written by Lynn, a fashion and hip-hop-loving mama, who is in the streets of Chilltown 24/7 getting to the heart and the urban underbelly of what makes this city awesome. She seeks out unique style and unknown gems, and they seek her. Lynn churns out posts on topics ranging from restaurant reviews to local fashionable people, underground musicians and artists, local entrepreneurs and more. Each post will make you smile and think with pride, 'wow, Jersey City, I didn't see that coming.' It's truly inspiring to read how much undiscovered goodness is packed into this city... and to know it just keeps growing.

Jersey City Eats Jersey City Eats is my go-to for anything food related in Jersey City. An invaluable resource for the foodie who has just landed in Jersey City and the seasoned resident alike, Jersey City Eats has its finger on the pulse of what's here, what's going out and what's coming in. This is best demonstrated in its Sunday "Community News" posts, a weekly Jersey City food news round-up, but JC Eats also publishes all sorts of helpful round-ups, from holiday menus around town, to delivery services, to who's open on a snow day. Definitely bookmark this site if you're into exploring Chilltown's culinary climate.

The Jersey City Independent JCI Magazine is a fabulous little (I mean that literally) quarterly arts, culture and lifestyle publication that covers stories about the people of Jersey City. You can catch up on all past issues online if you're new to JCI and also find the latest issue nearest you. The Jersey City Independent website publishes ongoing community news, art, fashion and food articles in between magazine publications, and also has a sort-by-neighborhood function (though Hamilton Park is missing) to localize what you're looking for. JCI keeps an online Events Calendar, which is a super reference point (depending on what is submitted) when you're looking for more to dig your hands into and discover around Jersey City.

JCFamilies A big reason for relocation to Jersey City was a better quality of life for the World's Cutest Human and our family. So this site was huge for our family when we first moved across the Hudson and didn't know where to begin. JCFamilies is an online community for Jersey City parents, but it is less of a publication or blog (though it does have its own blog to which any member of the community can submit content), and more of a forum combined with an events calendar and marketplace. You need to 'apply' to be a member of the community, and each member has his or her own page. It's helpful as a mini-Craigslist, to discuss local issues with other families, and most importantly, to learn about things to do with your children. JCFamilies hosts fun events year-round, so there is always something to do with your kids!

Jersey City Moms Meetup I was introduced to Jersey City Moms by a reader and fellow JC Mom, and it's another great resource for families but it's a more committed resource because you may not just observe; you have to participate to remain a part of the group. No lurkers allowed! Jersey City Moms is a Meetup group that is absolutely perfect for mamas seeking other mamas and seeking out playdates for their child(ren) on a regular basis. Members (there is a minimal $2 per month fee to be a member) can arrange for meetups, or just browse and participate in available meetups that other moms have set up.

  • This meetup does not publicize via any other social media than the Jersey City Moms Meetup site -- its get-togethers are private information for members only!

A Few More Resources Last, but certainly not least, I also reference The City of Jersey City Events Calendar or Twitter feed to see what's going on around town (they would know!) and also the Jersey City Free Public Library website, Facebook page and Twitter feed. The city's libraries are always a great resource for its residents, especially with young ones in the mix.

Who have I missed on this list (the criteria are: passionate love for Jersey City, frequently updated content and/or general amazingness)? Who are your favorite local publications, bloggers, and websites, helping you find your way around JC? Please leave a note in the comments below or contact me. I'll update this post as new resources are discovered and shared.