Got Flea(s)? Jersey City's Summer Pacific Flea Market

Yesterday's awesome was not, in fact, my new summer cold complete with barking seal cough and lost voice. It was a teeny, tiny treasure trove better known as the Pacific Flea, which was a perfect short family adventure (or for a lucky mama, it would also be a lovely alone time outing to stroll and browse the gems and treasures found here). We missed last month's edition since we had barely moved in and as such, I ran out of steam to both unpack boxes and dig through other's old treasures at the same time.

Not to mention that we didn't even know yet what we might want, need or be looking for to enhance home sweet home 2.0 (as a family, that is). First we needed to settle in a bit, and redesign existing things into new possibilities, arrangements and areas within our new space. Gah! It's been so much fun.

This month has been a super productive in that sense and the new space is looking saucy, so we now know the few, the proud, the vintage booty desired to complete this castle (yes, it feels like a castle compared to the lovely compact shoebox we were inhabiting over yonder in Manhattan). I'm looking for an amazing oval silver mirror for our entry way and some kind of funky low side table/coffee table to go in between two brown leather chaise lounges.

Neither were scored at yesterday's Pacific Flea, though we were pretty tempted by an old record player. We decided that if we were still thinking about it, and better yet, if it was still at next month's flea, we'd get it, but walked away empty-handed from the market.

It was still a blast to peruse the flea, which was full of tons of old gems that made us smile, laugh out loud or just reminisce. Hysterical books (something about the sex habits of the single woman was a riot), kitchen thangs and gadgets (it didn't help I was mid-rearrangement of my kitchen for the 84,095,304,584th time since we moved in when we left for the flea, so I couldn't help imagining all the ways I could use the goods), clothes and so much more. My mother-in-law is visiting, so she came along and also enjoyed raising an eyebrow at a few of the available items. It was a really fun pause in the day for our little fam to stop by, and we'll definitely make a monthly go of the journey.

One of our, err, interesting flea finds.
One of our, err, interesting flea finds.

On today's radar? Taking my dog-loving baby daughter to the Bark Festival at our nearby Hamilton Park. Or, as I have dubbed the event, "Bark in the Park." I'll let you know how that goes.

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