Jersey City's Bark in the Park Festival

We almost adopted "El Gatito Bob Marley" yesterday. Why "El Gatito Bob Marley?" Well, "gatito" means "kitten" in Spanish, and the World's Cutest Human is learning both English and Spanish simultaneously. And "Bob Marley" because the little grey kitten I wanted looked like it had just indulged in Bob's herbal remedies, as it lounged in the sun napping. That's just our style, laid-back, loving life in the sunshine.

So okay, maybe we weren't really close to actually adopting the kitty, but the crazy cat lady side of me (she exists) misses having a feline friend and wanted to take that little fluffernutter home. The Love of My Life, on the other hand, didn't even consider it. The World's Cutest Human, sharing none of that battle and not knowing that taking one home was even an option (because, well, it wasn't), just stared at them with her little mind blown.

All of this went down at the Liberty Humane Society annual BARK! Festival in Hamilton Park yesterday, and attendance at such an event (designed to raise funds, instigate adoptions and of course, awareness) was non-negotiable in our house. The World's Cutest Human loves dogs (and animals) more than I love ice cream and coffee, and we knew she would just explode when we arrived in the park. And she did.


Her 14-month old mind could not believe how many "dooooggggggggaaaaaaaaaay's" surrounded her and she was a chirping chorus of excitement in the Ergo on my back. Since we don't actually have an animal (we travel a lot, so stay-at-home-living-beings cannot rely on us), our fun was limited to taking a stroll through and observing. But there were a ton of booths with different resources and shopping opportunities for pet owners, an adoption center (where El Gatito Bob Marley was hanging out) as well as a super lineup of JC's best food trucks.

As the World's Cutest Human says (endlessly, on repeat), "OOOF! OOOF!"