Jersey City's Modcup in the Morning

You want a "good morning!?" I'll give you a good morning! My newest discovery results in the best morning this side of the Hudson River, which is a cup (or three) of modcup coffee. New to the #JC Twitter scene, I've seen many-a-mention of the local brew, and have passed by their table many-a-time at the local farmer's markets and events around Jersey City. So at the most recent 6th Borough Market, I told the Love of My Life that it was time to give them a try. We're coffee lovers, and yet we hadn't tried the most hyped coffee in our physical radius. Hello!?

A little morning love: a cup of modcup Honduras blend, and the latest edition of the Jersey City Independent.
A little morning love: a cup of modcup Honduras blend, and the latest edition of the Jersey City Independent.

So, we did. And daaaamn are we glad we did. The Love of My Life is Costa Rican, so we remain fairly dedicated to tico beans and usually order our beans online and then keep them in the freezer. But a taste of modcup changed everything (not to mention that modcup has a Costa Rican roast).

modcup prides itself on taste, and specifically the lack of the bitter taste that comes from stale beans, which doesn't take long at all, I learned. Check out more about that here. They claim that 99% of beans are stale, and modcup is the 1%. If I go into advertising speak (it's gonna happen from time to time, my industry = my roots), their brand promise is true (funny how effective an honest brand promise is).

modcup's beans have no bitter aftertaste, so the flavors they describe in their roasts come through incredibly clearly, and my usual need for almond milk and maple syrup is unnecessary (or simply the acting out of some hard-to-shake habits because almond milk and maple syrup in java are so yummy, right?). I now take my joe bare naked (unless it's not modcup and then you can splash some whole milk into that dark swimming pool of happiness for me).

Point being: the coffee needs no enhancement. For instance, their Honduras roast boasts a hint of chocolately molasses sweetness, and what do you know? Boom! Chocolately molasses sweetness straight to the tastebuds. We also picked up the Sumatra, which is fruitier (strawberry/cherry style) and it followed suit in the divinity column.

We snagged our beans at Goods & Greens in Hamilton Park*, since it's around the corner from us. But modcup also has a cafe in Jersey City Heights at 479 Palisade Avenue just off of Riverview Park. When I don't feel like an ice cream cone in the sun (i.e. in the fall), I'll pack up the World's Cutest Human and take a stroll up there**.

French press, check. modcup beans, check.
French press, check. modcup beans, check.

A bag-o-beans from modcup ain't cheap at $18, so I'm treating each cup like I'm sipping on gold nuggets (and yet, burning through cup after cup. Funny how that happens). A quiet moment, when you can catch it, before the ruffians awake is the perfect time to sip on gold. Because I've learned as I get older that being cheap costs you more in the end.

And honestly, what's a bright-eyed-bushy-tailed-productive-happy-Housemom worth to you, anyway?

*UPDATE: Not so much since Goods & Greens is now closed. But for those of us bottom dwellers below the Heights, there is now a modcup coffee bar near the Grove Street PATH Station inside The Kitchen. Learn more about that from fellow JC blogger, Jersey City Eats, here.

**UPDATE NUMERO DOS:We finally hiked up there (a few times now) and it is the cutest little swankiest little coffee shop you ever did see. A perfecto spot for a mama or a papa to grab a cup and then take the rugrat across the street to the playground in Riverview Park. That's what you call win-win (unless or until said rugrat backhands your coffee and it's game over, mama). Check out fellow JC blogger CHICpeaJC's experience getting coffee drunk up there here.