Get Down With Jersey City's Taqueria Downtown

The first thing we thought when we walked past Taqueria Downtown was, "that looks like a little hole in the wall. It must be amazing!" To cut to the punchline, it was. We immediately put it on the mental-must-try list, but we didn't have the chance until my mother and brother-in-law recently visited from Costa Rica. And then, it was on like donkey kong.

At Taqueria Downtown, there are a few things they want you to note:

The ten commandments at Taqueria Downtown.
The ten commandments at Taqueria Downtown.

The menu is void of 'Americanized' Mexican food, save for the gringa quesadilla (which, ahem, we did order, and the World's Cutest Human couldn't get enough of it). But the tacos (we tried the fish and the beef) and the tamale (pork) and even the guac and chips and salsa were all so, so tasty. Mama had a little margarita on the rocks which, as they usually do, added that perfect sweet-salty-sour je ne sais quoi that goes so well with Mexican food. Everything = so gotdamned delicious, it makes my mouth water just to write about it.

We also had the good fortune to eat in the eclectically decorated back garden, and to enjoy all of the above in the fresh air of a warm summer day... que bueno!

Admittedly, I didn't take enough photos of the place or the yumminess, so I'll add some the next time we go. Because there *will* be a next time. Many, many next times.

**UPDATE** I interrupt you with the breaking news that TD has opened up a take-out and delivery-only joint near the Grove St. PATH Station. That means that the deliciousness of those delectable tacos and Mexican goodness is on the walk home from the train. I mean, does life get any better than that?

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