| ROUNDUP | Chill Down in Chilltown: an Ode to Ice Cream

I'm addicted to sugar. For real. But my Achilles heel, the yum in my yang when the temps rise, is ice cream. Which must be why our new Jersey City digs are halfway between Torico and Milk Sugar Love. The universe wanted to tempt, delight and torture me simultaneously.

Since the creamery and bakeshop Milk Sugar Love only recently opened its doors this summer, we have had more cones from Torico since we moved to Jersey City. But the first time I tried MSL (do you mind if I call you that, Milk Sugar Love?), oh boy, it was love at first cone.

Basically, my feet fail me not by heading in either direction.

Torico has about a zillion (let's not split hairs here) homemade flavors, but my entire life I've been pulled into the vortex of cookies'n'cream, or whatever variety thereof is in the ice cream case. Torico takes it up a notch with their "Coffee Cookies," a you-guessed-it-blend of cookies'n'cream with coffee ice cream. Since there isn't enough sugar in the world for the sweet tooth I developed during pregnancy, I add insult to injury with the chocolate-chocolate sprinkle-dipped sugar cone on which to perch my melty happiness. There's really nothing more to say than, "Go." Go right now and eat this cone. If coffee's not your bag of beans, I also highly recommend their Dulce de Leche. It's out of this world. But you can't go wrong with any homemade flavor at Torico, from our experience. As my mother-in-law says, "que divino!" Totes, mama. Totes.

Coffee cookies cone from Torico. Gah!
Coffee cookies cone from Torico. Gah!

Then, along came Milk Sugar Love. Like modcup coffee, I heard a lot of hype in the Twitterverse about the grand opening of the new ice cream shop in Hamilton Park, which caught my attention. After visiting Emma, I see why. I tasted a ton of flavors (Emma was very generous in letting me find the right flavor and at MSL, each sounds better than the next), but my aforementioned hard-to-kill habits took over and I had to order my cookies'n'cream go-to. It's like trying a margherita pizza in a pizzeria; they have to get it right to pass the test.

But being the delight that the Milk Sugar Love shop is, a regular "scoop" gets you two flavors. So, I indulged in both my old fave and their highly acclaimed chocolate peppermint on their homemade waffle cone with... wait for it... sprinkles (trust me, it's a great plan to knock off the last ten pounds of baby weight. Wait, no. Well, anyway...). The flavors were so fresh and sweet and completely delicious. I love that Milk Sugar Love makes all the ice cream (and the brownies, which I didn't try, plus more scrumptiousness I'm sure) on site, with organic dairy and local New Jersey produce. You just can't go wrong at MSL. You really can't.

Milk Sugar Love Me some ice cream.
Milk Sugar Love Me some ice cream.

Don't say I didn't warn you. And don't forget to brush your teeth before bed after eating one of these bad boys. Sorry, the mom in me couldn't help herself.

I know these aren't the only two shops in town. Where do you get your ice cream fix in Jersey City? Please share in the comments below.

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