Give Your Pipsqueak A Sound Start in Jersey City

It's been a summer unlike most others for us. Usually, we're on the road a lot. This year, being that we've just moved out to JC and have gained an abundance of our own outdoor space in addition to just space in general, we didn't travel at all. We staycationed in our new city. And it's been UBER fun. I have lots of experiences to catch up on with posts on B+aBBQ. I'm working on that, when the World's Cutest Human finally rests and I can escape for a few moments at the end of a day. I digress.

As we explore Jersey City,  I seek out resources that will help me entertain and engage the World's Cutest Human. It's been a fun exercise to start from square one (zero, actually) and we've tried out a lot of things, like three little birds, that get her and I out of the house together and interacting with other moms and kids.

The park is a great free venue for that, of course (see my [ROUNDUP] post on JC parks), but the park can also be overwhelming in that there are so many moms and kids, moving at the speed of light in a dance of playground politics.

I wanted, in particular, to find a music-based class for the World's Cutest Human one day a week. A fellow JC blogger who you surely know, Lynn of CHICpeaJC, posted about A Sound Start. It sounded fun and exactly what I was looking for, so I wrote to Andi (Andrea Gunden), the owner and leader of the musical escapades. It was mid-session, but Andi invited us to pop in for a 'see if you like it' Kindermusik class, with the option to join the rest of the session. We did and we did, and I'm glad we did.

Andy of A Sound Start

Andy of A Sound Start

It's a sweet little session that leaves the mommies (and nannies) smiling as much from watching all the kids as from the fun of the music, dance and song. Andi -- who has a strong musical and dance background herself -- gets everyone up and moving, not just the pipsqueaks. But she does so in a no-pressure, not optional, why-wouldn't-you-do-it-anyway-because-it's-so-fun manner that has everyone laughing. She also keeps a certain routine to it, which is good for the little ones to follow and start to catch on.

The kids marvel at each other and the many bells and whistles (sometimes, literally) that Andi pulls out for them to play, sing and pretend with, and the joy of singing and dancing with their caregivers reverberates around the room with the music. Really. Music is a pretty magical force to witness on small children.

In addition to Kindermusik (which is $220 for a ten-week session), Andi hosts a Itsy Bitsy Yoga class and now, a Canta Conmingo spanish language music class at A Sound Start (both $144 for an eight-week session). We'll definitely be trying both of those in the future. She also gives private musical instruction and is often found collaborating with schools and playcenters around town.

To keep things new and different, and also because I'm seeking to experience all that is available in Jersey City for the World's Cutest Human, we're going to try different classes around town that I've tracked down, like Key Element Learning and Tiny Greenhouse, before our next A Sound Start session. Much as I love the help in entertaining the World's Cutest Human, you could spend a full paycheck on these classes as they start to add up.

I just realized that I've been singing "Peekaboo, I Love You," the song that Andi opens and closes the Kindermusik class with, on a loop in the background of my mind as I wrote this post. And that shows me just how good Andi really is. Damn good.

Thanks to Lynn for the tip (check out my list of awesome, in-the-know fellow JC Bloggers here) and a big thanks to Andi for infusing the Peekaboo, I Love You into our lives.

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