It's Always Wine-o-Clock at Jersey City's Madame Claude Wine

Our Madame Claude love began at the Cafe on our first date night out in Jersey City. Little did we know that in even closer proximity to us in Hamilton Park is the wine shop of our dreams. Tell me what's more awesome than a wine shop in your own backyard that is well-curated, in a really industrially beautiful space and always manned by knowledgeable, sweet staff? That's right: nada.

When Goods'n'Greens on Hamilton Park closed down, we were inherently blessed with a weekly visit to Madame Claude Wine to pick up our CSA share. Goods'n'Greens hosted Veritas Farms' CSA drop-off, but when the store abruptly closed this summer, Madame Claude Wine saved the day by taking over the hosting duties.

Frankly, that was a brilliant move on their part. Nine times out of ten, when grabbing a box of veggies and pondering what I was going to do with them, I'd pick up a bottle of something to pair with my as-of-yet-undecided menu of the week.

Loulou, pictured above, who you might've read about through her partnership in Vino and Vinyasa at three little birds, is the consummate host of the shop most of the time. She really knows her stuff and she is welcoming, kind and extremely helpful in gauging your budget and the general taste you are trying to achieve, and then delivering a recommendation that we have yet to be disappointed with.

She often hosts evening wine tastings (yum!) at the shop and wine classes at Madame Claude Cafe. I definitely see a wine class date night in our near future! If you're one who likes to be part of the club, Madame Claude Wine also has an exclusive Wine Club, called "Club Vin," for traditional and adventuring wine drinkers. Each month you receive delicious wines picked for you by Madame Claude's staff with descriptions and tasting cards included.

A selection of delectable pâtés, foie gras, cheeses, liqueurs, beers and gourmet sausages also linger around Madame Claude Wine, tempting me at every visit.

One of our favorite summertime indulgences this year was to grab a bottle of Loulou-recommended rosé, some pâté, cheese and one of the soft, crunchy baguettes they always have on hand, and sit in the sunshine on our deck.

As the World's Cutest Human played around us and we sipped and noshed, it was just another notch on the Jersey-City lovin' coffin, burying any leftover desire to live in Manhattan.


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