Getting Lost at Jersey City's Liberty Science Center

The Love of My Life and I are crazy about museums. The World's Cutest Human has no opinion on the matter, and we know she's too young for us to drag her through all the museums in the metropolis across the river, but it's good to start them young when appropriate. Liberty Science Center, with its many kid-friendly exhibits and eye candy, was a dream for everyone. A Clifford exhibit for the little dog-lover in our life and a Rubik's Cube exhibit for mama and papa = yes!

We spent hours in here. Often because we were lost, but mostly because we were wandering through the seemingly endless things to see and do. I was wow'ed as soon as we entered the lobby, at the giant morphing-and-moving sculpture on the ceiling, but that wasn't even a scratch of a tip of the iceberg of what was ahead. If I were a kid, you would never be able to get me out of this museum.

It's almost impossible to write this post, as we covered so much in our weekend afternoon, and we didn't even hit the IMAX Theater or many of the exhibits. We hit as much as the three of us could handle, though! We explored Clifford the Big Red Dog's home town, we saw the monkeys and turtles and other animals who live there (I personally hate animals in captivity and usually refuse to engage, but I made an exception against my better judgment). We checked out the sweet view of Manhattan (hello, old home!) and enjoyed the youth orchestra playing in the center of the museum, whose music wafted up through the levels as we explored.

Again because it's so difficult to capture the depth of our experience in one post, I will simply say this is a must-visit for JC families (and NYC families, and anyone who can get here!) and worth a membership if you like the place. We plan to frequent the Liberty Science Center throughout those long, cold winter months, which makes a family membership a bargain.

Here are a few links to help you get familiar and plan your visit, and the usual interwebs lineup below. I hope you have as much fun as we did!

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