| DATE NIGHT | Jersey City's Razza Pizza

The DATE NIGHT series on BURBS + A BBQ spotlights local restaurants and adult playtime activities for those fleeting but important couples-only nights. Razza is next up in the series. When the chance for a Date Night pops up, I usually try to think of the nicest restaurant we haven't tried yet. Typically, a pizza place would never enter my consideration list (any other night of the week I would say oh hell yes, but not on a date night where I'm attempting to feel like an adult on a special occasion).

Razza is the exception. Because it's not pizza. It's pizza artigianale.

What does that mean? It means they take their pizza seriously using the tastiest ingredients, super techniques, and the utmost care in creation. They go local, as a rule, in every ingredient, and you can taste that. I'm telling you, the pizzas are gotdamned shockingly delicious. I was surprised, thrilled and dying to go back before we even left.

Our night out at Razza was a double-date with some new friends of ours (isn't it funny how it takes the better part of a year to really start meeting people locally when you move?) and the four of us had such a blast. We savored their bread and butter, both of which are homemade, and split a kale caesar and a special salad to start. Both salads could have been a meal unto themselves. I'm drooling just thinking of the kale caesar.

But we didn't stop there. Not with the two bottomless men sharing our table! I believe we ordered four pizzas, and I'll let you guess who ate most of them (hint: I just told you, though I did a {beep}ing bang-up job myself). Because their menu changes so often, and I'm behind in posting this, I don't know exactly which pies we tried. But it was a blend of veggie pies for the vegetarian in our mix, and those heaping with local sausage and meats, and everything was mouth-watering. To see what they are featuring on their menu right now, click here.

Even more surprising than amazing pizza worthy of a Date Night was the decor in said establishment. There's no local-pizza-shop vibe in here. It's almost a sophisticated beat-up warehouse vibe and it's perfect, with exposed concrete walls, and funky bar, upper and lower level open seating and the big pizza oven glowing in the back of the house. Razza is centrally located downtown just beyond the Grove Street PATH Station, and they set up outdoor seating in the summer (see @EIGHTYmag's photo above).

I know I say this in every Date Night post (at least, so far), maybe because I'm so enchanted to be out of the house with the Love of My Life, but I can't wait to get back to Razza, and bring more friends. It's a great spot to share the evening with a group, not only in food, but in libations and conversation. And that's a successful double-Date Night in my book!

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