| ROUNDUP | A Mom-Time Jersey City Adventure

There is nothing more rejuvenating for a HouseMom than a morning/afternoon out. A few hours to do whatever you want or need, alone (that last one is the key word), goes a long way -- whether it's for a hair appointment or beauty treatment (the ultimate), a book in a coffee shop or just a walk around town to window shop. The latter is what this post will enable.

I find that just two hours to myself on the weekend recharges me for the entire week. My patience level is higher, I'm more creative and motivated, I keep better perspective in frustrating situations, and I'm able to remember how much I adore and am grateful to be home with my girl each day.

The Newport Mall, though conveniently nearby and comprehensive in its options, is mega-stressful to me. Like, the opposite of my idea of a relaxing afternoon out. I only hit the mall when I have to, with a list, and I approach the situation like a military mission.

For a couple of truly relaxing hours, I'll grab a coffee from one of my favorite shops and then do a loop around downtown to browse the wares at our local awesome JC boutiques. Sipping a hot beverage and mindlessly wandering around to look at pretty things does me good.

Follow along on this Mama's Day Out in Jersey City Google Map, and learn more about each spot below. Then get out there, and charge those mama batteries! The loop is about a mile long, so it also qualifies as exercise (says I). Two birds, one stone.

ANOTHER MAN'S TREASURE Where is it? Point "A" on the map above or click here. It's fabulous because... it's a well-curated collection of vintage treasures, just as its name suggests! From dresses, to jackets and shoes, to accessories, they bring the fashion into vintage. They have men's gear, too, and let me tell you: returning from my mom time with a flipping awesome pair of vintage cufflinks and a matching tie clip did wonders for touting the benefits of mom alone time in my house. AMT also has a higher-end showroom with more goods, but you need to make an appointment for a visit. Learn more and connect with AMT Vintage here:

<PAUSE> You'll note that Point "B" on the map veers you off here to The Kitchen at Grove Station. That's for a coffee fix at the modcup counter, in case you haven't yet grabbed your java on this tour.

FEENA BOUTIQUE Where is it? Point "C" on the map above or click here. It's fabulous because... Liz, the owner of Feena, has a great eye for unique pieces that are both local to JC artists, and international. Many of the goods are from Portugal, like the world's most adorable espresso sets (hint, hint, Love of My Life) and some of the jewelry. She has bags, hats, shoes, jewels and so much more, plus a few things for men (reference aforementioned token gift to bring home). Feena is one of my absolute favorites in town. Learn more and connect with Feena Boutique here:

KANIBAL HOME Where is it? Point "D" on the map above or click here. It's fabulous because... not only do they have super cute clothes, sweet little jewelry (including a case of vintage beauties), candles and eclectic gifts, but they also carry some vintage furniture and finds. Their brand is kind of off-beat, which is what attracts me to it and keeps me coming back. I love their quirk. My desire to buy their clothes keeps me motivated to keep on shakin' the rest of my baby weight, and when that day comes, a pretty penny will be lost here. They also host evening crafty events, which I have yet to take advantage of, but hope to escape to enjoy soon.  Learn more and connect with Kanibal Home here:

<PAUSE> At this point, "E" on the map, I've tagged Van Vorst Park. After wandering Kanibal Home and before you hit BEEKMAN LANE and Vivi Girl Shop, sit down at a bench in the park to people-watch and enjoy the roses and gardens, because, let's face it, you never go in the park unless you're chasing a little. Not today, mommy. This pause in the park is for you.

BEEKMAN LANE* Where is it? Point "F" on the map above or click here. It's fabulous because... while tiny, the shop is chock-full of antique gems. Yes, they are a little pricy, but they curate a beautiful collection. It's always fun to dream about home design, and about having the time to get an old piece and fix it up. BEEKMAN LANE keeps their site up-to-date with their inventory and is quite popular; many items are sold nearly as soon as they get in the door. But nevermind that, because this tour is about enjoying the browse as much as the buy, and there's a lot to browse at BEEKMAN LANE in its little space. Learn more and connect with BEEKMAN LANE here:

VIVI GIRL SHOP* Where is it? Point "G" on the map above or click here. It's fabulous because... it's a shop for the girly-girl. I actually err on the classification of 'tomboy,' but on a mama's afternoon out, I love looking at the girly-girlyness at Vivi Girl Shop. They have cute clothes, great purses, some fun accessories and cards, and the femininity burst is definitely worth a stop on this tour.  Learn more and connect with Vivi Girl Shop here:

  • Website
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  • Instagram*Note that yes, these two shops are located at the same address... they are two separate little shops in a pod (okay, a pod, a building, whatever).

WORD BOOKSTORE Where is it? Point "H" on the map above or click here. It's fabulous because... it's a bookstore and a cafe, and you're alone! No guarding shelves of books from the swiping hands of a toddler on this trip. If you didn't grab a coffee at modcup (aka "Point B" on the map), then you can grab something here. Or if you already drank that coffee, have another! Browse their collection of books to find something to take home and savor before bed time (way better than Instagram) and tap into their knowledge to help you find what you need. It's the perfect ending on this little tour.  Learn more and connect with WORD here:

And that concludes your B+aBBQ Mama-time Adventure! Do you have another favorite stop in Jersey City for when you have a few hours to yourself to browse around? Leave a comment below with your tips, or get in touch, and I will update this post.

Enjoy, mommies! :-*