Artsy Crafty Fun at Jersey City's Tiny Greenhouse

Today was the day I've been waiting for! The day we could finally try a class at Tiny Greenhouse. Over the holidays, the World's Cutest Human crossed over the 20 month mark, which is the minimum age to participate at Jersey City's kiddie arts and crafts project center. All spring, summer and fall, we've walked past their tiny studio, and I'd peek through the windows to see what the kids and teachers were up to. Creepy mom alert!

My attraction and near desperation to bring the WCH to a Tiny Greenhouse class is likely due to my own childhood, where crafting and projects were the norm. My mom is an artist -- a jeweler by trade -- so a typical weekend project was making a pair of hoop earrings or a ring, creating a worry doll or sock puppet, or tapping into our imaginations in some other way. I never left home without my drawing supplies and I lived inside my head. I'm so grateful for that foundation and I really want to pass it down to the WCH.

Knowing the age of 20 months had arrived, I checked out the current schedule at Tiny Greenhouse and found that while their Tiny Explorers class was already full, they are offering a class for 20M-3Y called "a-R-R-R-t: WINTER Wonderland!"

It was perfect that a beautiful dusting of snow was falling down around us on the first day of class today, as the kids created snow(wo)men. It couldn't have been better planned!

Anya sweetly, calmly and encouragingly led the class of four little gals around the same age through the project of first drawing the snowman's body with different media on cardboard cut-outs, then gluing together his head, eyes, carrot nose and hat. Lastly she had them paint a background (with a mega-clever snow-making technique) and then put it all together.

It was amazing to see all of the kids light up as they drew, painted, glued and constructed the snow(wo)men. I commented to Anya that I've been unsure if my little monkey was ready to do this level of project at home, and Anya told me that often kids won't participate in this way at home, but really get into it at their studio. I believe it. Sometimes context creates the opportunity.

Now I'm obsessed. It was so much fun for her to engage in and probably twice as fun for me to watch (I tried really hard to keep my hands off her project, unless she needed real help, and just let her work and make what she wanted). I can't wait to bring her back for the next four weeks!

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