Carrino Provisions is Now Open

It's here! It's here, it's here! As a resident of Erie Street, who had to walk around a construction site with a stroller for the summer (annoying), then realized what was being constructed (not annoying, but super exciting) and then finally, finally got to creep inside the doors (totes amazing!), today is a big day.

Carrino Provisions Italian Marketplace is now open. Boom shaka laka!

Why the flip am I so excited, you might be asking yourself? Because I love gourmet markets. Like Eataly. Like Chelsea Market.

I get that they're a bit pretentious, but I just like them, okay? Add in the fact that I have yet to find a great butcher in Jersey City (holla atta mommy if I missed something!) nor a good pescateria, and the rumors of what Carrino would bring to the table had me salivating.

So, like the masses, I had to go on opening day and check it out. Even if it wasn't until 5 PM. And even if I almost gave up on the trip entirely. The point is, I bundled us up and I went. Thank goodness.

They had those first day jitters, as teeny tiny creases were being ironed out in a corner here or a display there. And they had far less in the way of groceries than I expected them to. And there's no fresh fish function that I found. But that's all the bad I got.

The space is beautiful. The fresh pasta we took home was delicious. The pesto Brussels Sprouts are bound to be a new addiction (I mean, seriously. Taste them.) and

The staff was gently lovely, opening the door for a mama with a stroller, taking care of our orders and checking us out. They didn't make me feel uncomfortable at taking 3,000 iPhone photos (but I'm guessing they were used to it at that point in the day from all the pics and posts I caught on social media).

I didn't try any coffee, but will soon so we can update this post. And being that the Love of My Life is on a plane to Brazil and I don't see any babysitters at my front door, we didn't try the Osteria tonight either. Seems best to save that for a Date Night.

Restaurant Talde will soon follow, opening next door. Another Date Night. Score! In the meantime, I'll just have to occupy myself in the loveliest little Italian marketplace on my street.

Learn more about the Carrino family and their fine eating establishment at the following interweb sources:

Been to Carrino Provisions yet? What's the best thing you've tried so far?