| DATE MORNING | Jersey City's Kitchen at Grove Station

The DATE NIGHT series on BURBS + A BBQ spotlights local restaurants and adult playtime activities for those fleeting but important couples-only nights. In this case, we enjoyed a DATE MORNING atThe Kitchen at Grove Station. It was a manic week settling into new schedules for the World's Cutest Human, trying to keep my new workload from taking over my life, somehow still trying to get to the gym, and I also took on "meal planning" as a task this week. Gah!

The Love of My Life left this weekend on a week-long work trip to Brazil, so when Friday morning rolled around and we found ourselves childless before he left, I made a spontaneous suggestion: Date Night Morning!

I've secretly been in love with the Kitchen at Grove Station as a space, and every time I grab a coffee at the modcup counter within, I (re)note to myself that I'm dying to try it. With that in mind, I suggested we go, and My Love happily took the bait.

We dropped the WCH off at school (where she was again so excited that she could barely manage to say goodbye) and looked at each other with a sigh and a smile.

"Is this really happening?" We asked each other. Alone time in the morning? It was. We walked leisurely down Newark Ave. hand-in-hand chatting and catching up until we reached the restaurant. We were laughing when we got there, since my Love had been trying to find it for a mod-cup and had never been able to. One problem solved.

We sat in a comfy booth along the bright airy windows. On a sunny bluebird sky day, that was just the place to be. With proper priorities in mind, we first ordered our modcup selections; a four ounce'r for mi amor, and a six ounce'r for me. It's crazy how delicious that coffee is.

Every item on the Kitchen's menu sounds yummyious-maximus (check it here), so it was a bit hard to choose. But each of us ended up ordering a frittata, the sunchoke and kale for me, and the chorizo and potato for m'man. Both of them were a perfectly-sized party on my tastebuds, and the plate was void of anything else (i.e. no toast, homefries, fruit and whatever else a diner throws on your plate). Since I'd had a toast with the WCH when I woke up, I was perfectly satiated with my cafecito and eggs.

People were coming and going, but it wasn't overly crowded. It was lovely to sit in the sun in a comfy booth, and have a morning conversation with my partner without anyone running off, around, under, through or over anything in my vicinity (and had someone done so, I wouldn't have paid it any attention because it wasn't my kid!). I forgot how nice that can be, especially at 9 AM!

The staff was helpful and there when we needed them (they're all super sweet, in fact), but didn't bother us too much otherwise. All-in-all, an amazing way to end this crazy week, connect with my Love and enjoy my favorite meal of the day in super fine style!

The Kitchen is starting a Sunday Night Supper Club (fantastic idea, and one we will be back for on another Date Night opp!) and the first one kicks off tomorrow night from 6:30-9 PM in partnership with local awesome pub, EIGHTY mag, to fundraise for their next issue. They say,

Chef Dave Viana will be serving a five-course tasting dinner of never-before-seen dishes from his forthcoming winter menu. Expect fabulous farm-to-table fare and, as usual, complimentary wine pairings in The Kitchen's scene-setting surrounds!

It's $65 per person and you can get your tickets here.

Since it's hard to find in person, find The Kitchen on the interwebs: