Water Month is Ending

To state the world's most obvious, yet ever-mind-blowing fact: it's the last week -- the last few days, even -- of January 2015. Listen now for the collective exclamation of, "Wait, what? Already?" It's so fun. We get to act surprised at the end of every month and every year that it's already over. Forever. And to be honest, I'm not acting. I'm really that surprised, every time.

But le fin de January means we've all struggled (Powered? Sauntered?) through the first month of New Year's Resolutions. Mine, as I shared, are rolling a bit differently this year. Rather than tackling a big list simultaneously, I'm working on one major habit or behavior per month that I'd like to change this year.

January was "Water Month." As in, drink enough water every day. I know that for some people, this is second nature like flossing your teeth (also on this year's list) or tying your shoelaces (I got that one down). Not me. There are days I somehow survive, despite drinking next to zero water. Not zero liquid; those days are usually powered only by coffee and coconut water. But I'm talking real hydration.

I have issues with my joints, with fatigue, with baby-weight loss and more, and the common tie? Well, having a baby. But aside from that? Properly hydrated people don't deal with those issues like I do. Given that we're talking about my core health, water month was priority numero uno and the mandate was simple: drink half my body weight in ounces of H20 every day in January.

Not so simple. Water month has been the most difficult thing. In fact, today, January 27th, is the first day I accomplished my goal. About two weeks ago, I had a freak-out that I was half-way through the month and had not yet once achieved the goal. I immediately starting slipping into my old go-to: "well, I've failed so far, so I might as well give up."

Then I remembered that I'm doing this for a reason and the parameters of this challenge are up to me, and no one else. The goal is a healthier me, mentally and physically. I thought about the fact that each of these goals is tremendously important to me, and that the timeframe I've put upon this challenge is my own invention. So I can change it.

And I did. The bottom line is to achieve the goal, the timeline is not actually significant.

The new parameters (for now) are that I continue to attempt the goal until I have achieved it for 30 days (hoping that by that time, I've created a new habit that requires less conscious thought). I will still begin the second goal at the beginning of the next month and so on. So some may back up, others may flow easily. But at the end of the year, I intend to have incorporated twelve new habits or behaviors into the fabric of who I am. If they begin to compound, that's okay. So long as it's not overwhelming and thus, counterproductive.

And it felt pretty damn good to achieve the goal today. Even if there are only 4 days left in January. It felt good enough to want to to try again tomorrow. I hope this momentum will have a ripple effect in so many ways.

I've also learned an incredible lot about myself in the failures; about where I set up roadblocks and where I give up. It seems that finding and acknowledging these points must be the first step in changing them. I'll share some of these when the month is truly up.

For now, it's been eye-opening to remember that I'm learning, and growing and changing constantly, even when some days can feel terrifically mundane or uneventful. And just announcing a change does not bring it to fruition. Each one is going to require focus, dedication and hard work. But a little patience and flexibility with myself, along with a healthy dose of honesty and accountability, will go a long way to re-building a better me this year.

Cheers to the agua! Thanks be to January.