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I just got home from taking the World's Cutest Human to the doctor because I feared she had measles. For real. Hysterical? Probably. Especially given that she is vaccinated, which I learned this morning is 95% effective even after only the first shot. But her mega-cold includes a terrible cough, runny nose, red eyes spewing pink-eye-esque mucus (I hope you're not eating yogurt or something similar. If so, sorry) and a fever. Those are also the primary symptoms of the measles. Except her fever broke yesterday, and it wouldn't have with measles, and the rash I was conjuring in my mind was not really a rash at all as far as the doctor is concerned. At least, not a measles rash.

To say that I'm relieved would be an understatement. Last night when the lights went out, tears rolled down my cheeks as I imagined the worst and begged myself to fall asleep anyway. Today, I feel a bit silly at my hysterical worry.

Better safe than sorry? Yes. That's our cliche of the day today.

While I feel silly, her doctors at the Jersey City office of Tribeca Pediatrics in Hamilton Park never make me feel silly at all, no matter how minor (or non-existent) the illness or injury. I never feel judged or shamed when I bring her there, and I'm so grateful for that. Thinking about that as I walked home from their office this morning, I realized I had to share our experience over the past year here.

I know that some prefer a local independent pediatrician to a "chain." When we lived in Tribeca and I was pregnant with the WCH, I actually chose another pediatrician over Tribeca Pediatrics' Tribeca office because at the time, I feared the hype about their offices pushing the "Cry It Out" method when sleep training a baby, which sounded barbaric to me.

I ended up not loving the pediatrician's office I chose over Tribeca Pediatrics because they were consistently quite brusque, judgmental and depending on who we saw, I left feeling like a terrible, incompetent parent. In fact, I dreaded taking her to the doctor.

Ironically, I ended up sleep training the WCH after all, and while she did not need to "cry it out" much, a certain small amount was necessary to teach her to sleep on her own (it was painful for me, yes, but short-lived and oh-so-wonderful in the long run, especially now that she loves her crib and her space at night).

Then I chose Tribeca Pediatrics when we moved to Jersey City. My primary reason was proximity; the office is on Hamilton Park just three blocks from our home. I've since realized that I agree with most of their stances and policies; that they have a beautiful, light, modern, clean office; and that the staff is incredibly kind, welcoming and helpful. That applies not only to the medical staff, but the administrative staff as well.

We usually see Dr. Danijela Kero (I thought her name was "Dr. Carol" for the longest time) or Certified Nurse Practitioner Leslie Kelley, and the way these two treat us is nothing short of phenomenal. They are both loving and professional, warm and gentle with the WCH, and I feel like we are humans while we are in their office, not just a number or a chart that they need to check off to move on.

I've found their advice to be practical and cautious, and I appreciate that. It's shown me more than once that antibiotics were not necessary in viral cases (as opposed to my own childhood, where I was given an antibiotic for everything. Now I'm resistant to a lot of antibiotics, which isn't helpful when I need them). They are patient in explaining what's going on, what to expect in the following days and of course, always encourage reaching back out to them if my worries or her symptoms persist.

For expectant parents, Tribeca Pediatrics Jersey City also offers a lot of resources from childbirth classes, to baby care classes (pre- and post-birth), as well as breastfeeding classes/resources and CPR/safety classes (which I still need to take, I'm ashamed to admit). Pregnant mamas, you may love enrolling your baby daddy in the "New Dad Boot Camp" and anyone would benefit from the "Raise a Good Sleeper" class.

These are all terrific resources that I wish we had in the early months of the WCH's life (I totally would've sent the Love of My Life to boot camp!). If and when the World's Second Cutest Human ever decides to come along, I will definitely tap in to our pediatrician's office for this support and wealth of resources.

Tribeca Pediatrics also has a very active Facebook presence (I had the pleasure of meeting the gentleman who runs this page at a birthday party, and he does a fantastic job!) with a lot of links, photos and support for the communities that surround all of their offices. Even though I'm not on Facebook, I sometimes peruse their public posts, as they have helped me learn about different aspects of my daughter's heath, and made me realize that I share philosophies with my pediatrician, which is very reassuring.

So if you are new to Jersey City and looking for a pediatrician, or if you already live here and aren't entirely pleased with the medical care your child receives, I would highly recommend checking out Tribeca Pediatrics' Jersey City office.

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Are you a Jersey City parent? Where do you send your kids for healthcare, and are you happy with the experience? Please share in the comments below.