Spring Saturday Family Adventures in Jersey City

We returned to Jersey City last night from ten days in Miami Beach, where we hosted the third annual ADC Festival of Art + Craft in Advertising and Design. It was exhausting, and we are totally beat. But after a good sleep on Friday night (honestly, there is no better Friday night to me than a really satisfying snooze, says me and moms everywhere), and as I did my Saturday AM Twitstagram browse this morning, I realized that damn, babygirl, there will be no sitting around and vegging out today. And there wasn't. There was just so much going on in Jersey City and we hit the streets like it was our last day in Chilltown. Yet somehow, we still took it easy and we weren't rushed or stressed in what we did. We put the 'chill' in Chilltown as we moseyed and sauntered and strolled around the city.

Before we left the house, Talde Jersey City posted this on their Instagram page:

I've been craving Ramen since I-don't-know-when, but given all of the health hooey balooey I've been going through, I'm only just barely able to test foods beyond vegetables and well, vegetables.

I was off to the races today. So that Insta-post was all it took for me to decide that our adventure would start at Talde. Done. Sold. Sign me up. I texted that screen grab to the Love of My Life (he was on the third floor, me on the first, and I'm lazy, it's true). He was in, and off we went. The following pictures tell the story, which involves ordering lots of food and dying with the deliciousness of it all.

After TaldeJC, it was off to the Van Vorst Farmers' Market, our first hit of the season (check out all Jersey City outdoor markets this season here). On a day like today, it was a gift to get out and enjoy the flowers, vendors and some play time at the playground.

Post-park we were thirsty, and I was craving a bubble tea. A perfect combination to try out The Big Straw, which has been on my list for a couple months now. If you read my Ice Cream Roundup, you know that anything related to Cookies'n'Cream is my jam, and lo and behold... one of the specials was a Coconut Cookie Crumble, so that was a given. My Love went for the Pina Tealata.

Both teas were suuuuuper delicious. A nice mixup dessert treat in lieu of ice cream. Plus, I get some twisted pleasure out of chewing on the bubbles. I also discovered that sugar is definitely the problem, as I got a belly ache about 1/3 of the way into my bubble tea. Which is not The Big Straw's fault, but nevertheless stopped the party. However, they can customize the level of sweetness (I just didn't think to ask) so next time I think I will construct my own and see how the bod handles it. The shop is colorful and cute, though, and I'm psyched to have bubble tea nearby. It shall be a summer favorite, I can see it already.

At this point, the plan was a direct line to Hamilton Park for the garden party, but it was pushing 2 PM and the World's Cutest Human still takes a nap (praise be to the Gods), so we had to pause the fun and everyone ended up crawling in bed for a siesta. No complaints here.

I got up before my sleepy family (never wake a sleepy baby or partner, if it can be avoided) and snuck over to Hamilton Park around 4 PM, before everything closed down. It was a little but super wonderful, sweet gathering.

Jersey City Art School set up a still-life drawing demonstration (which is a great way to promote their new space on Hamilton Park, and just do something really cool). There were tons of little ones sketching away, recreating the mermaid-fairy-princess-wonderwoman in front of them!

Madame Claude Wine was serving Merguez sandwiches hot off the grill, GP's was pouring Mint Juleps and more was set up in the square.

All in all, a lovely Jersey City-Lovin' day. Enough for a weekend, in one day. Which is a good thing, because we're off to Connecticut tomorrow for my grandfather's 80th birthday party. 80! How admirable to live the life he's led, and it will be fun to celebrate him. Today, it was fun to celebrate being home in Jersey City.

In conclusion, flowers and flowering trees. Because, spring.

How's your weekend going? What have you been checking out around town? Any new discoveries or suggestions?