| Ramen ROUND-UP | Jersey City's Best Noodle Soups

There are a couple of Manhattan obsession-level trends that I was always fully on board with (not many, but a couple). One was $1 oyster happy hours and the other was ramen. What, did you think I was going to say SoulCycle and hot yoga? No, no, of course I was referencing food.

In addition to the myriad of reasons I already love Jersey City and have since day one, I have been oh-so-happy to discover over the past year that my two acceptable trendy NYC obsessions exist here, too. They just aren't as vast or well publicized and fawned over. I already covered Jersey City's $1 oyster happy hours, so let's talk ramen: my five favorites.

Some of these spots are part of the growing trendier Jersey City food scene (ramen aside) and others required some ramen research to find and try. The first three (Union Republic, TaldeJC and Ahri's Kitchen) are tied as my top-tier favorites, while Teppan and Komegashi tied for second place. However, all of them are recommended by yours truly. I did try other ramen dishes around Jersey City that I did not enjoy, and therefore I'm not sharing them here -- these five are those that made the cut on the measuring stick that is my tastebuds.*

[Please forgive the iPhone-quality photos. All of the below taste much better than they look thanks to my non-food styling.]

Union Republic [Check the menu]

It was a tough call on my virgin Union Republic ramen voyage between "A Hen Full" (chicken meatballs, dashi, shoyu broth), "Ocean Ramen" (seared black bass, sliced scallop, sea beans, nori gel) -- which I will try next, and "Alpha and Omega" (the veggie version, with wild mushrooms, braised greens, haricot vert, roasted cauliflower), which just sounds great. What will not be a tough call is going back to try the other two, as the Hen Full was delicious. Don't forget Union Republic's $1 oyster happy hour specials every weekday in the summer, and on Wednesdays, they pair that offer with $5 beers and live bluegrass, which is what we did. It. was. awesome.

Ahri's Kitchen [Check the menu]

Ahri's is one of our new favorites across the board. It's delicious, fresh and made right across the street from us (hello, easy!). Because lately I can't see "Ramen" on a menu and not order it (thus, this post), I always tack a Korean Ramen from Ahri's on to our order. It has buttery, yummy ramen noodles filled with fresh vegetables and a cracked egg -- très, très simple. At $8 a bowl, it's also a steal around here (the rest of these ramen dishes average around ~$12). The World's Cutest Human loves the noodles in Ahri's Korean Ramen, and there's plenty to share with the fam, so everyone is winning here.

As told here, we were swayed to try TaldeJC's Breakfast Ramen from their weekend brunch menu after they posted a photo of it on Instagram one morning. It looked amazing and we were on our way out the door looking for brunch anyway, so we wheeled just a few blocks down our street to TaldeJC. As with everything we've ever ordered there, the Breakfast Ramen was as good as it looked on the 'gram. Its noodles are housed in a buttered toast broth, with honey-glazed bacon and a six minute egg. Scallions also give it a fresh pop. Totally happy mouths all around the table.

Komegashi Japanese Restaurant [Check the menu]

My Jersey City ramen research told me that Komegashi was a must-try. I agree that it was delicious, and was definitely a more standard ramen offering than the first three on this list. To me, it wasn't as fresh and original, but it was still super, super tasty, so it made the list! I ordered their "Shoyu Ramen," which is a traditional shoyu-flavored broth with scallions, fishcake, “memma” pickled bamboo shoots, “Cha-Shu” pork and a runny egg.

Teppan Bar and Grill [Check the menu]

As with Komegashi, Teppan's ramen came highly recommended. Featuring roast pork, egg and noodles in a pork-based hot broth, I found it to be expectedly good. A great ramen choice in lieu of sushi when dining there.

What's your favorite ramen in Chilltown?

*As always, please don't get your panties in a twist if you disagree with my tastebuds. Simply leave a comment below with a tip-off to your favorite ramen finds in Jersey City and lead us all to even yummier finds!