The Exhibition Before The Demolition, Green Villain-Style

Despite hearing about the transformation of the old Pep Boys building at the hands of Green Villain and a band of local artists -- including Wane, Doves, Curve, Mr. Mustart, Evikt, Jahan, Mes, Themo, Distoart, Kingbee, Era, Goomba, Stay One, Jurne, Twigs, Esteam, Loser, Acro and more -- for more than a month now, I barely squeaked in a visit in its final hours this evening. The display, dubbed the Demolition Exhibition, is a partnership between Jersey City-based Green Villain, who previously painted the Light Rail tracks-facing side of the building when it was still Pep Boys, and real-estate developers Forest City Enterprises and G&S Investors, with the purpose of delaying the inevitable and impending demolition of the beloved old 22,000 square foot auto parts building to make way for new skyrises.
Read up on more background about the exhibition here and here and here and here.

In person, it was a site to be seen and it was brilliant. The energy inside and out -- with the artists' vibrant colors, letters, characters and messages popping off the walls (ceilings, bathrooms, doors and more), and a DJ piping beats throughout the building to keep things lit during the gallery hours of 12-8 PM every day for the past few weeks -- was palpable. The old Pep Boys pulsed with good vibes.

Every single visitor was spinning in circles to photograph or capture video of the work, riding around on skateboards, or in the case of the World's Cutest Human (and I hear, many of the youngins in town as well), cruising the scene in the resident mini-Escalade, which made her happier than happy with Papa, while Mama scooted around to take it all in.

Here are some of the snaps I took as I walked around and soaked it all up:


Did you get a chance to check it out? What did you think? Did you have a favorite piece?

All photos by me.