Rising To The Road | The Fortress of Louisbourg

A glimpse into Canada's colonization history on Cape Breton Island

When I got back from Toronto, after a day of rest and recharge, I was ready to explore Cape Breton in high gear with my family. We were only a week into the journey when I peeled off for some mama alone time, but there were no commitments on the horizon after that wedding weekend. From that point forward, our trip was free to entertain improvisation, impulse and imagination. Employing our Strala-esque travel philosophy, we stayed in Cape Breton for nearly two weeks total, alternating excursions with restorative rest in the trailer.  

A day at the Fortress of Louisbourg was pure bliss. I've been interested in history and what life was like 'way back when' ever since childhood. I loved visiting Plymouth, Massachusetts and Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia, where my imagination could travel back in time. 

The Fortress of Louisbourg operates on the same premise, where the buildings are preserved down to the detail and actors are dressed in period clothing (pretending that they are unaware of anything that would not have existed during their lifetimes). I ate it all up. For its part in the country's 'way back when,' the Fortress is another National Historic Site of Canada (others we visited included the fort at Annapolis Royal), representing a cornerstone of the colonization struggle between England and France (as in Annapolis Royal). It was originally settled in 1713 as a fishing port, but over the next 25 years, it grew into a commercial port and guarded fortress, one of the most vast and wealthy fortifications, in fact. It is this time period, the 1740's, that today's recreation of the fortress represents.

We spent the better portion of a day exploring the fortress territory, taking our imaginations back in time and for me, my camera on a non-stop wild ride. We exhausted ourselves (and only one of us got to take a nap) without even seeing everything. A blessing of a beautiful day like we enjoyed means a curse in narrowing down to ten top photos for you to enjoy. So, I've allowed myself more than the typical ten photos in a "Burbs Eye View" post because I just.can't.choose.my.favorites.