Hello? Is anybody out there?

I know, I know. I'm sorry for the radio silence. If you follow me on Instagram, you haven't missed a beat. But if not, a few things have been happening: 

1. We've been racing the weather. And thinking of little else. The cold has been right on our tail and it didn't stop raining (at least 90% of the time) from New Hampshire to Alabama (this week). But at least it's sunny now. And that gives us hope. Because the racing down here made us stressed and tense and not enjoying ourselves. And it gave me writer's block. 

2. Then we took a rogue turn south into Alabama. Which has been all sorts of beautiful and peaceful and nourishing. And completely lacking in wifi. We've stayed in two stunning state parks — Oak Mountain and Gulf Shores — but state parks rarely have good wifi, if it all (usually none). Gulf Shores has it only at the laundry pavilion and that's usually the straw I'm smart enough not to lay upon my back. If I can't post from the trailer, some weeks I just ain't hustling that hard. And that's okay. 

Instead, I've been exploring like crazy with my family, taking thousands of photos, reading Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic: Creative Living Beyong Fear. Which is excellent and I'll probably post about different thoughts she brought up for me. You know, just to see what you think. I've been just being. I guess I needed a refill. I've also been writing a lot, so once I get wifi, I'll be able to share what's backed up (I'm typing this post with my right index finger on my iPhone. Not ideal).

As always, I have much to catch up on here. Tomorrow we're off to New Orleans, and it's supposed to rain for three days. So I've penciled myself in for some serious sharing time. So if you want to know what craziness has been bubbling in my brain, what we've seen and where we've been, tune in this week. 

Sorry again for the disappearing act!