And that concludes Canada!

A video recap of our Canadian overland adventure

I have to admit, blogging this adventure is hard. First of all, at least 95% of campgrounds have proven to disappoint in the stellar (or even functional, really) wifi connection department. And I get that; the majority of people in a campground are on vacation, a time when (if no where else) you should disconnect. But that fact doesn't help me to write a travel blog.

Secondly, our exploration takes up most of our days, as it should. When we're not exploring, I'm taking care of my family and our little roving land spaceship. Again, as it should be. But that leaves very little leftover free time for mama. So, sneaking time to blog is rare and precious. I'm so constantly behind, it feels that I'll never catch up on sharing everything we've done and all of the thoughts and inspiration a trip like this brings up. My pipe dream was to do all of this in real-time. The reality? Not so possible. C'est la vie!

For instance, we are physically in Austin, TX right now, about 75% across our southern U.S.A. path. But here on the blog, I'm just wrapping up our Canadian loop. If you've been following along, we explored Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island and the Québec Maritime and it was, thus far, the most magical part of our journey for so many reasons. 

Rather than lament how far behind I am, I thought I'd prepare a little visual celebration of what we've accomplished thus far. It exudes the magic I mentioned, and after watching it 50 times — and despite being the very person who created the video and thus placed each picture — I still catch something new every time I hit "play." 

I hope you enjoy it just as much:

In a few weeks, my daughter and I will leave from LAX and fly home to my parents. I'm simultaneously ecstatic that my daughter will experience the first Christmas where she really gets it at their house (because my mom, her "Nema," is the most magical Christmas-maker), and devastated because our little family will be split up. 

I'll miss moments like this:

And this:

But the silver lining, if there is one, is that I'll have plenty of time over the holidays to slow down, unwind and catch up on sharing this journey. Expect many more travel tales before year's end.

What adventures will the New Year bring? Only time will tell. But we have plenty to do before then. So, let's keep at it, shall we?