Rising To The Road | The Conway Scenic Railroad

In a sweet little town called Conway, New Hampshire, there are old "choo-choo's" made of toddler dreams

It was one of those mornings where we woke up early and seemed to have plenty of time to catch a 10:30 AM train that was 40 minutes away from our campground. Those are the kind of mornings that get you, though, and the 10:30 AM train we intended to catch pulled out of the station before our eyes as we squealed The Great White into a parking spot exactly one minute too late.

"Wait, choo choo! Tum back!" called the World's Cutest Human from the back seat and my heart broke. 

Luckily, another choo-choo left an hour later; just enough time for an ice cream in town. There's pretty much nothing that ice cream can't fix around here.

No sooner than we could melt that ice cream in our mouths, we were off down the tracks on a vintage train following a historic rail route. It was just like going back in time, and worth the grin on my girl's tiny face as the experience came to life for her. But it was fun for me, too. I love imagining a time when trains were a more commonly used form of transport. And I don't mean the MTA.