Rising To The Road | Mt. Washington Auto Road

Driving up America's first and oldest man-made attraction, the awe-inspiring Mt. Washington Auto Road

We were a little late to the party, because people have been climbing the 7.6 mile road that leads to the summit of Mt. Washington for 150 years. Let's just call us fashionably late. We happened to catch a slice of afternoon that was mostly clear (the weather can, and does, change in an instant!) and the views didn't disappoint. They were stunningly breathtaking and I was happy to take photos, half-clinging to my seat at points where the road dropped off as far as I could see down to my right. My Love couldn't have been happier than he was steering his beloved Great White up that windy road. 

Chugging up the Cog Railway would also be a blast on another day, but we already had plans to ride the Conway Scenic Railroad the next morning. Plus, My Love, plus the Great White, plus driving adventures... I may have mentioned their love affair.