Rising To The Road | The Lost Pond Trail + Glen Ellis Falls

A (very) gentle hike to a sprawling pond and a stunning waterfall amidst New Hampshire's White Mountains.

While we'd climbed the Mt. Washington Auto Road and rode the Conway Scenic Railroad during our short weekend in New Hampshire's White Mountains, we were also anxious to move our bodies. Our tired bodies, which as we discovered required more rest than we had anticipated that weekend. Before we knew it, we had only our departure morning to go on a get-physical adventure. So My Love chose a short easy hike with a big return: the Lost Pond Trail and Glen Ellis Falls. 

We turned off Route 16 too early into the big, distracting Pinkham Notch Visitors Center, parking at the Tuckerman's Ravine trailhead entrance. But instead of heading up the grueling trail that leads to the summit of Mt. Washington (though I very much want to hike that someday), we crossed the road and ducked into the peaceful woods. The Lost Pond is a short half-mile jaunt in and it doesn't take too long to reach its pretty shores, with Mt. Washington standing proudly in the distance behind it. 

We kept on hiking beyond the pond, looking for Glen Ellis Falls. After crossing the Ellis River by hopping from rock to rock, walking further down Route 16 a bit and down a bunch of stairs (this stop is very tourist friendly and very groomed), we found it. The three of us stared in wonderment, took a lot of photos with the phones, the camera and the GoPro (too much, you think?) and then ran back to the car (now quite a walk thanks to our botched parking attempt) and to the campsite to pack up and leave before noon. That was a stressful campground departure (our first one, at that).

But at least it was preceded by a serene, rejuvenating nature walk. It was just enough to get our blood flowing and our souls connected back to Mother Earth, reminding us that hiking needs to be a regular occurrence on this journey for both (nay, all three) of us.