Rising To The Road | Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Our first campground in Parker's Cove was right outside of Annapolis Royal, a historic place to begin the Canadian loop of our journey because of the integral role this town played in Canada's colonization.

Originally called Port Royal, it was the capital of Acadia and of Nova Scotia prior to Halifax, and was the first settlement in Canada. The fort in Annapolis Royal, which traded hands between the French and the English over the course of thirteen attacks (originally French, the English took over on their seventh attack, and then France attacked six more times in an attempt to regain the capital), is now a tourist attraction that we wandered through with the World's Cutest Human. 

These days, Annapolis also plays home to the Annapolis Royal Tidal Power Generating Station, which we really wanted to tour, but unfortunately they do not welcome tiny munchkins. Next time. Walking along the harbor and through the fort were enough to bring us to meltdown hour, anyway.