Rising To The Road | Parker's Cove, Nova Scotia

A precious little fishing hamlet on Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy

After driving off the ferry boat in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia bright and early in the morning, and clearing customs in an impressively orderly and short amount of time (for that many tractor trailer trucks, trailers and cars, but that's Canada for you!), we headed straight for our first stop: a sweet little campground just outside of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia in a picturesque little hamlet called "Parker's Cove." 

When Great White and the Spriglet first crested the hill leading down into Parker's Cove, I sucked in my breath. The Bay of Fundy spread out in front of us as far as we could see. We spent the next three nights watching the tides rise and fall, eating lobster and scallop rolls by the harbor in a delicious little one-woman restaurant and seafood market facing the harbor called Nautical Seafood's Market, and exploring the surrounding area.

Parker's Cove is mostly a little fishing town and it really is dictated by the tides, which rise and fall up to 30 feet, at points leaving the shores bare; we saw many a boat stranded on dry land during low tide. Fishing boats brought in the lobster and scallops we were enjoying — which are what the area is best known for — right in front of our campground.  

For our first stop, Parker's Cove sure did set a high standard for the views and vistas in front of which we could park our little roving home on wheels, with fresh out of the sea goodness just steps from our trailer door.