Rising To The Road | Bastrop, Texas

I first laid eyes on downtown Bastrop, Texas en route to find authentic Mexican food (a determined and successful mission achieved at Las Cocinas off of State Highway 95) nearby our KOA campground on the banks of the Colorado River. I was mesmerized by the local scene passing by our car windows, and having forgotten my camera, I begged my now-ex, then partner, to drive slower and to later bring me back to photograph what I saw. 

It was the first town we'd passed through in Texas that just felt so, Texas. What does that mean? I don't know, stereotypical, I guess. Sleepy. Mysterious. Straight out of the days of yore. Southern. And so romantic, somehow. 

It was also a bizarre stop for our family, as it was from Bastrop (after a fun but strained week in Austin) that my daughter and I flew home to New Hampshire, when my ex and I decided that space apart was the only solution left in our collective bag of tricks. 

So I walked curiously through this sleepy, mysterious, romantic little Texan town with my family and a heavy, heavy heart, snapping photos in our final hours together. And yet, I look back on these pictures fondly. I appreciate having those final moments together, and the fact that we were still — though pushing ourselves — exploring and soaking up every final experience in our vicinity while we still could. 

I hope that's always the case when we're all together, for I feel it's the best gift we could give our daughter: memories of peaceful shared experiences around the world.

Never thought that the best I'd be hoping for family time was "peaceful." But here we are.

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