Sunday Morning Musings + Moon Love

So, um... Hi, friends!

I know my writing frequency flatlined here throughout the summer. The fact that I began writing this post on the Autumn Equinox and it's now mid-October highlights that point. "Hooray for the first day of fall!" I said. But I couldn't finish the post because everything else in my life was screaming for my immediate attention. And that's okay, there's time enough for it all. Plus, I have so much more to share now.

I've been M.I.A. off the blog, too. I've met so many amazing women since I moved to New Hampshire, including some particularly amazing mamas this summer. But I have not been able to find one evening — not one! — in more than two months to sit down and enjoy chatting with a friend about ourselves, our kids, our love lives. It's hectic, this season of life. 

But I'm going to attempt a little more freeform, off-the-cuff, tip-of-my-tongue sharing of the latest and greatest musings in my world here on the blog. Things are moving fantastically fast and yet slow as a snail these days. Though I journal, beginning a practice of more frequent free writing here will be a great exercise in discipline, and also another snapshot to capture my thoughts and reflections as I move through this happy and exciting time in my life.

"What?" You might say. "Am I on the right blog?" Yes, you are. This is the rising part.

It's been an especially busy couple of months as summer transitioned to fall and everything around me seemed to shift and change with the seasons.

2016 was an exceptionally beautiful summer for me. There was not a lakeside moment, a hike, a jog or a sun bath on the back deck that did not go unappreciated. I felt like a sponge, thirsty for positivity and soaking up beauty at every turn. And I was. There were so many moments that I just stopped to marvel that, "This is my life. This beautiful place is my home. That stunning, hysterically clever little human is my daughter. These generously supportive people are my parents. I am so lucky." It was an idyllic summer in New Hampshire — a perfect New England summer like the kind I remember growing up — and I internalized that energy every day like a squirrel gathering acorns for the winter.

However, securing a job became suddenly very urgent in August after two anticipated summer freelance projects disappeared out from under me and finances shifted for my Ex. It happens, and I'm not one to sit around when the going gets tough.

So, I had a good frustration cry and then I went and got two waitressing jobs; one in a shifty breakfast/lunch café, and the other at a beautiful Italian trattoria in the evening. Combining the two and working tirelessly saved the moment but it required a lot of support from my parents and my Ex, and left me without a lot of time to spend with my daughter. I missed wake-up and off-to-school time, and I missed dinner and bedtime. I was lucky to catch an hour or two with her in the afternoons between shifts. "It's temporary," I told myself. "Just work hard, stay positive, be grateful and the tides will turn."

Anticipating a shift around September's Harvest moon (why I anticipated a shift requires its own post, so save that question for later) allowed me to remain patient. I felt ready with every fiber of my being to move into the next chapter of my life, and as soon as mercury stopped its September retrograde path, the Powers that Be delivered in a big way. 

I dedicated a lot of my free time this summer to continuing my photography study, including a couple of classes in digital photography and photo editing. I set my sights on the New Hampshire Institute of Art (NHIA)'s 70th Annual Members' Exhibition as a summer bucket list goal to celebrate these efforts, and managed to submit two photos by the skin of my teeth just under the wire of the deadline.

Both photos, one of which heads this post, were chosen! 

I found out late on a Thursday night in mid-September, just hours after arriving in Alabama for a close friend's wedding. I exploded with pride and excitement. My photos hanging in a gallery exhibition for the first time!

I woke up incredibly thankful the following Friday morning, just hours before the eclipse of the Harvest Moon. Though I was completely exhausted from traveling, staying up late to catch up with my beloved college girlfriend, and waking up early when her toddlers rose, gratitude was vibrating deep within my bones and oozing out through my pores. I felt a current of life flowing through me.

I drank my tea swinging on my girlfriend's front porch that morning, with a book, my journal and the most perfectly cool, gentle fall breeze cutting through the warm southern air. As I swung, and wrote, and read, a freelance writing project that I thought was lost this summer came back 'round materializing under the power of the moon. I was thrilled for the opportunity to write the words that would bring a small business' website to life, and accepted.

However, my mind was distracted by greater potential. The day before I left for Alabama, my phone chirped as I packed my suitcase, indicating an incoming email. It was a routine job alert from that I had set up when the going got hot in August. But this alert was different. I read the job description and something stirred inside me. Though I had virtually no time to turn in an application before I left, my intuition said make the time. 

I dropped everything, focused all of my energy and applied for the job. A simple cover letter, resume and reference page took me all day as I agonized over every word to ensure that I was communicating, for the first time in a long time, that I was ready for this kind of opportunity. 

I finished packing late that night and tried to be present in Alabama throughout the long weekend. But a little flame of hope had been lit in the back of my mind that the tides were about to turn. I stared up at the powerful Harvest Moon on that Friday night, lighting up the southern skies as though it were a mile away, and repeated my intentions, meditating on my readiness to move forward and my gratitude to be in that place. 

I returned to New Hampshire late on Monday night and on Friday afternoon, in between a shift at the breakfast café and an evening in the trattoria, I received an email response to my application.

"It appears that you possess many of the skills and knowledge that we are seeking and I’d like to arrange for a 30-45 minute phone call with you to discuss the position and your qualifications," it read. My heart leapt and I hugged my daughter hopefully.

Over the course of a two-week whirlwind, I engaged in a three-round interview process, during which I became more convinced with each conversation and every visit that this job was The One. The right job at the right time in the right place.

This week, under the power of the Hunter's Moon, I was offered and I accepted the position of Communications and Public Relations Manager at a beautiful local university nestled between Mt. Monadnock and the lakes of New Hampshire. I will be advising the first female President in the University's history and guiding the school into a new era under her leadership from a communications and public reputation perspective.

I am so thrilled. I am so optimistic. I am so happy to begin this new chapter and I cannot wait to get started. Luckily, I don't have to wait; I begin tomorrow. A "back to school" Monday for me in mid-October. 

I paused many times throughout this very quick process — scribbling in my journal or looking in a mirror — to affirm my potential, my intentions, my dreams and my goals, reminding myself that as much as this is the job I have been waiting for, that I am the woman they have been waiting for in this role. Tomorrow, I begin to show them and myself that this is true.

From (the AstroTwins)

From (the AstroTwins)

"Wild hearts can't be broken and neither can their spirits," read the AstroTwin-authored mindbodygreen article from which the above screenshot was grabbed. 

That's what I'm saying. That's why this blog.   

Thank you to each of you who have reached out to me over the past six months, lending your words of support and encouragement through comments on these posts or personal emails. Each connection means so much and it reminds me that:

  1. More mamas than my mom and my sister read this blog and;
  2. We're all in this together and the more we lift each other up, the less overwhelming this life journey feels.

So, much gratitude for those thoughts and that effort. I look forward to sharing the next crazy chapter of this crazy ride with each of you.