Rising To The Road | Peterborough, New Hampshire

Peterborough, New Hampshire has, well, burrowed its way into my heart since we first visited my parents' new home in Dublin just over a year ago. At first glance, Peterborough — which is the next, slightly larger town over from Dublin — is a sweet, artsy, rustically beautiful New England small town, with its galleries, gift and clothing boutiques, pubs and upscale restaurants, French patisserie-style bakery, little museums and modernized antique and vintage treasure stores.

It was in Peterborough back in October where My Love and I sat to discuss our trip and our personal lives under apple trees in the white monadnock chairs overlooking the river that runs through the center of town. We marveled at the not-so-difficult challenge of enjoying breakfast at the quintessential little Peterborough Diner for less than $10 (for both of us!) as we sketched out possibilities and ideas for our future in my dot grid notebook.

It was also in Peterborough where my daughter and I explored the springtime Children and the Arts Festival when we were home alone back in May, watching dance performances and a giant puppet parade (she was absolutely enchanted by a jumprope team, as she was learning to jump at the time), eating homemade treats from local individuals and school groups and enjoying the art on display. It was so special, and the kind of thing that's only experienced so authentically in a small town setting like Peterborough. There are constantly community events happening in its downtown, and we've already made a lot of memories here.

But it's the people of Peterborough who have won over my heart. Needing to connect to and move my soul, I began attending classes at the Monadnock Yoga and Healing Arts Center with Alexandra Teague. She is beyond phenomenal as a yoga instructor, and her presence alone is calming and healing. But the community she has built is what struck me the most. So many women came up to welcome me and ask where I was from. This supportive community has put a wide smile on my face every time I visit Alexandra's studio.

After a yoga practice, I often walk around the small downtown square to grab a coffee or browse the shops (basically, to enjoy a moment of solitude!). It's the kind of town where everyone knows (nearly) everyone, and a trip to the tiny Post Office takes much longer than it should, as each customer catches up personally with the cashier. This is how I grew up, and what I rejected in my younger years as "boring." Now, it comforts me and draws me back as I raise a child of my own.

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