Mamas, you can empathize, right? At least, some of you. Post-baby, you (can, perhaps, sometimes for a minute, some of us for years) lose that fierce edge you had pre-baby. That I-don't-give-a-fuck, I'm-a-boss alter ego who shows up when you need her. Even the meek mice among us have that je ne sais quoi side of our personality that makes us feel badass. It looks different for everyone (in a short survey of the below, mine wears sunglasses and RBF) but it's there. 

Well, I'm rediscovering mine. My groove. My mojo. That fierce edge. It doesn't look quite like the below anymore, but I still don't bow down doormat-style nor cater to anyone else's ego. I never lost that backbone, though folks have tried to break it.

However, it sure is fun to look back at the woman I have been through the years, and to channel — or at least remember — my former selves for a moment or two. Here are the five most badass photos of me, many of which were taken by Ryan Lindsay in Toronto during my baddest badgirl Bri-Bri days. Oh, the stories some walls could tell.

Poker face. It's really the shoes that are badass, amirite?

This woman cannot be bothered by your opinion of her.

Because poolside mafia is a look in your carefree, hustlin' twenties. I was signing quarter-million dollar sponsorship deals during this year, so it wasn't just a look, actually.

Random wooden seats in Toronto back alleys are pretty badass.

Because what is more badass than growing a human being?

Ladies, what photo reminds you of a badass moment in your life? Post it on social with the hashtag #badassphoenixmama and tag @PhoenixMomRising (Instagram) or @ThePhoenixMom (Twitter).