Rising To The Road | Sydney's Royal Botanical Garden

Photographs of Australia's oldest botanical garden at the peak of Sydney's hot summer months

As spring threatens to arrive early in New Hampshire, my mind drifts back to just over a month ago when we were basking in scorching hot summer weather in Sydney, Australia. Ah, the beauty of the hemispheres.

On a "Mama's Day Out" adventure gifted to me by my sister (who spent the day bonding with her wild child toddler niece), I took a ferry from Rose Bay into Circular Quay and wandered around the surrounding areas: the Rocks, the Opera House, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Royal Botanical Garden. It was a glorious, if completely exhausting, day.  

Sydney's Royal Botanical Garden — the oldest botanical garden and scientific institution in Australia — is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, having been established in 1816. At 30 hectares, it's definitely one of the largest and most expansive botanical gardens I've visited anywhere in the world; just walking the grounds is a work-out and can take quite a while.

There are plants from around the world, but they focus on species, specimens and trees local to Australia and the South Pacific. In fact, the Royal Botanical Garden is home to 8,900 plant species and more than 67,000 plant specimens — pretty impressive! Sculptures punctuate the grounds and it was so calming and peaceful to meander the grounds, sit and take it all in and then move on.

Now back in New Hampshire, with the crocuses budding through the barely thawed ground, spring can't be far away. Hopefully these gorgeous snaps of the stunning flowers and plants of Sydney's Royal Botanical Garden will get us through the next month or two, until we can enjoy the plants and pretty flowers local to New England. Enjoy!