Rising To The Road | Sydney Fish Market

Australia is home to the largest market of its kind in the southern hemisphere: a working fish market that trades more than 13,500 tons of seafood each year. And I did not hesitate to indulge during my visit.

As I cross the finish line of week one of my Elimination Diet, one of the few non-plant-based proteins in my repertoire is seafood. Thanks be to seafood. 

Which only inspires me to dream of my visit to the Sydney Fish Market a couple of months ago. If you don't like pictures of dead sea creatures, then I apologize in advance and urge you to choose another post to peruse this AM before you scroll forward one more line. Hate me if you must, but these photos make my mouth water.

We arrived at the market at 9:30 AM on a Saturday morning to avoid the crowds, which I highly recommend because by 10-10:30, it was already becoming a pushy swarm. But it's a must-visit on a trip to Sydney for any seafood lover, or even, mere appreciator. Even my daughter was fascinated by all of the creatures around us. That said, she opted for a small plate of french fries in lieu of a sea-snack. Ah, the joys of being a mama traveling solo with a wee one (and the compromises you make for a little me-treat).

But me? Fish for breakfast? Hell yeah! I enjoyed salmon and kingfish sashimi, which were like butter melting on my tongue with the cleanest, freshest flavors I've possibly ever tasted, and a dozen oysters, a similarly fresh and delicious experience. The prices were also stunning: the piece of salmon sashimi below totaled around twenty dollars (Australian), with probably five times the amount of fish twenty dollars would buy you in any reputable sushi restaurant around the world.  

The Sydney Fish Market claims to be committed to these Sustainability Principles, which I hope is true. But the only thing I can personally guarantee was that my tongue and belly were satiated and so was my camera trigger-finger. Enjoy the snaps!

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Breakfast is served...