Thankful Thursday | June Twenty Third

Ah, my goodness. I have so much to be thankful for, and the list just keeps growing. Crazy how the simple action of tuning in to what one is grateful for reveals so many endless things to acknowledge. 

I just got home from an appointment with my new therapist, and the change that has happened over three visits (and the span of about a month) is pretty significant. I was barely able to talk through tears when I first called her to schedule an appointment and first met her in her office. And today, I was as chipper as a blue jay in the spring. There is still much for me to work on — there always is — but I have to pause and acknowledge my progress today, and all of the bits and pieces that are contributing to said progress. 

This week, I am grateful...

For my birthday trip to Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

I already told you about my seacoast getaway here, so I won't bore you repeating the details. But it does bear repeating how wonderful it was to take a pause. Just 24 hours alone totally reset my system. I missed my girl and was ready to see her the next day, but having even one day to aimlessly wander, take endless photos, eat my favorite foods and have uninterrupted time to read and write in bed before passing out for a good night's rest was, <sigh>, everything. The party animal who was alive and well in my twenties no longer rages inside of me, and I'm okay with that. A quiet restorative getaway with an 8 PM bedtime was just what the doctor ordered. No shame in my game.

That my ex now lives near by and we can co-parent.

I haven't really talked about this, though I probably will in another post, but my ex is back in town. He made the wonderful decision to leave Los Angeles to move back east, and is living about ten minutes from us until Columbus Day weekend (who knows what happens after that, a fact I cannot think about without stressing, and therefore I don't think about it!). When he first told me of his plan to come back, I burst into grateful ugly-cry tears; he was finally making a decision that calmed and soothed my heart (even if decisions to the contrary surrounded this decision). My daughter is thrilled to be able to see her Papa every day, and I am thrilled for her. I don't think either of us truly realize just how much she was missing him below the surface (FaceTime is nice, but not a sufficient substitute). But it was a lot, and to have him a part of her daily routine, and have more balance in co-parenting after seven months away is nice. Really nice. I'm also hoping this time helps he and I rebuild a positive relationship, as well.

That I will learn how to edit photos this weekend.

As you know from this Thankful Thursday post, I'm taking a summer photography course which covers the basics of digital photography. But this coming weekend, I'm taking an additional workshop intensive specifically on editing photos using Lightroom. I've never learned anything about photo editing, so it's a huge missing piece of the puzzle for me. I have more than 50,000 photos on a hard drive, many of which I like very much. Many of which are also shit, but that's exactly why this workshop is necessary and exciting. Soon, I will be better equipped to separate the cream from the milk. There is an art exhibition in the fall that I can apply for as a member of the New Hampshire Institute of Art, so this is perfect incentive to put all of these new skills and learnings into practice. 

For new clients.

All in due time, the right parts of your life fall into place. And I am very ready to start working and applying my talents to bill-paying endeavors again. I pledged as the ball dropped into 2016 that this was the year I would transition from the gamut of communications work I've been doing over the past decade, to commit my focus to what I love and what fuels me: writing (and a bit of marketing consulting, depending on the project). It has taken six months to clear out the personal emotional clutter and make space for this new energy and very recently, the freelance picture is all starting to come together with a few new clients on the roster. Just in time, too, with my Ex back in town to support me in co-parenting, creating the time and space to be able to accomplish something. I'm really grateful for and excited about this forward movement. 

That my sister is coming home for a visit.

You should see the happy dance I'm doing about this one. My sister Kyla is my best friend in the world, hands down, no question. We're just two lucky sisters who are incredibly close. Some family call us twins, because we have that kind of connection, despite the three years between us. She is the most wonderful woman in the universe to me. Three months ago (almost four now!), she gave birth to her first child, a son named Huxton, who I have yet to meet (damn the distance between New England and Australia!). So I am so excited to meet and snuggle little Huxie, and to spend some great time with my sister and her husband Chris. Two glorious weeks to jam-pack with snuggles and chats and all the catch up possible. I will kind of share her with the rest of our big family who want to meet Hux, too. I guess. Because I have to.

So, yeah. Life is good. As it's always been, but I am finally able to really truly see it again. Some days are better than others, but the majority are pretty great. And I am pretty damn happy about that. Wishing each of you a wonderful week ahead!

Your turn! What are you grateful for this week? Please share three things that are making you say hooray today in the comments below!