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Badass Mamas | Kerry Fantelli

I first met Kerry about ten years ago on the dance floor of Burlington, Vermont's Memorial Auditorium where both of us studied West African dance and drum through Jeh Kulu for many years. She was not far into her journey of single motherhood when we first met. I remember seeing the challenges she was facing at the time, as her then-very-young daughter would beg for her parents' reunion. Years later, I can closely relate to what Kerry must have been feeling at the time.

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Badass Mamas | Cheryl Eaton

I find solace in sharing my story, but I find just as much, or more strength when a woman in a similar situation grants me the gift of hearing her story. We’re taught to “keep your personal life personal.” But in so doing, we deny ourselves the chance to connect and heal, the opportunity to give and receive support, and to stand in solidarity during a moment of need. Thus the birth of Badass Mamas on Phoenix Mom Rising, a new series of stories that will share the experiences of fellow females; the tales of brave women who have been similarly tasked to rise from the ashes of life’s not-so-little challenges.

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Badass Mamas | Neffi Walker

Social media is funny. It allows perfect strangers a window into each others’ lives (and on occasion even unique insight into a friend you thought you knew). In time, you feel as though you know people you’ve never met. And in a way, you do.

There are those who are innocuous Instagram'ers, provoking no reaction and simply being present. And people who view their social media as a private TMZ channel, mistaking themselves for celebrities with a personal broadcast system.

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