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The Best Travel Apps for Road Warriors and Explorers

Seasoned travelers will be quick to say that all the GPS technologies that we now enjoy have killed the joy of traveling and discovering. You used to be able to find a deserted beach and claim it as your own for years, whereas now any bozo with Google Earth can not only find 'your beach' but quickly make it popular on TripAdvisor. So these days, it may seem as if there’s nothing else to discover and to lay your flag on.

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PHOENIX FAVORITE FINDS | Norway Hill Orchards in Hancock, NH

One fall day, we decided to go apple picking. The New Englanders among us (okay, that's just my parents and me) were craving the typical fall favorite treats: a mile-high apple pie, my mom's specialty (no airplane sex nuance intended, so get your dirty heads out of the gutter) and apple crisp. It's just ridiculous not to indulge in the fall in New England because these apples fall in our backyards, even if it means eating sweet apple treats for ten days straight.

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Words, Tea and Snuggles: The Blogs I Love

Every night ends differently around here. Many, too many, of them I barely crawl to my bed and pass out Stone Cold Steve Austin style or squirrel away working, despising the screen in front of my face keeping me up late. The almost-rest of them, I spend some quality time with the Love of My Life. But once in a very great while, I get to indulge in a little, what we call, iGirling.

It's where I snuggle into bed with my laptop in a none-I-hate-you-screen kind of way. More like a cuddle, requiring a hot beverage (right now it's hot watah, lemon, ginger, mint and a smidge of Manuka honey -- sister, the health coach's order to battle the mystery illness) and refreshments, where I delight in my bookmarked blog list. It's a short list, but I only add people to it when I love someone's writing and feel like it inspires me, makes me smile, or think, or sometimes even act. You only become a better writer by reading, and reading writing that speaks to you.

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