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Cleaner Than I Found It

Yesterday I took a walk on the beach to clear my head. It’s been a crazy few months, full of change, and I always find grounding energy and clarity near the ocean. Walking along the sandy shores of Los Angeles’ Dockweiler Beach, I found myself weaving. Not only around other strollers and joggers,  but sadly, through a crazy amount of trash. It was impossible to look for shells, because there was so much trash, it all just appeared to be a dirty mess.

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An Emergency For Global Citizens

As I waited to board my plane in Toronto last night, the televisions at every gate were ablaze with the story of the refugee boat that sunk on Greece’s shores yesterday, killing more than 30 people, mostly babies and children.

I stopped to listen, my own heart sinking at the news, wondering if this will be the spark needed to attract global attention and response to the mounting issue of refugees and displaced people due to conflict and climate change, or if it will just pass by as the tragedy du jour.

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On Black Leggings and Comfort

I know that leggings are not pants and I don't care. Not even in the slightest. I get that it breaks all sorts of fashion laws -- and laws of physics, in some cases -- to wear black leggings as an unofficial uniform. But we moms do it anyway. Why?


Comfort. You cannot underestimate the power of comfort. I'd say for "ease" as well, but let's be frank. It takes exactly the same amount of time and effort to put on jeans or any other leg-attire as it does leggings. So it only boils down to comfort.

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