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Thankful Thursday | June Twenty Third

Ah, my goodness. I have so much to be thankful for, and the list just keeps growing. Crazy how the simple action of tuning in to what one is grateful for reveals so many endless things to acknowledge. 

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Thankful Thursday | May Twenty-Sixth

Back to the basics, only input that will refill the vault and recharge the batteries, and it feels so good. May has been a beautiful month, and now, as we transition into June — my birthday month and my sun sign, Gemini, into which we've already transitioned — I feel a lot of hope again. Hope and gratitude.

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Thankful Thursday | May Twelfth

The month of April was a doozy. Well, both March and April really, since we returned from Australia and California to begin our new life in a small New Hampshire town. This happened, and this and this, and there were some terribly black moments full of the worst, most painful emotions. Facing so many facets of my worst nightmare at once knocked me back to the very bottom yet again, to a place of fear, rejection, absence, and failure. It was all emotionally (and therefore physically) exhausting and killed the little bit of wind that had barely begun to gain momentum and power my sails. The seas went calm.

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