The Spriglet was the first trailer we looked at in a small local RV center in Jaffrey, New Hampshire.

It was strange and unfamiliar, this long room that wobbled when you walked around, and slid and rolled and scooted into so many configurations to make itself homey. It's kind of Tokyo, but oh-so-American.

It had a king-sized bed for us big kids, a full bed for the World’s Cutest Human, plus a twin bunk above that, a kitchen, a bathroom with a little tub, a dining area, a comfy couch and a good amount of storage, all in what seemed to be very good condition. Surely you don’t find exactly the right trailer on your first look around, we thought. But we did.

It was love at first trailer.

The one thing that every single trailer had in common was ridiculous decor. The Spriglet had one of the less offensive interior designs — a sort of Aztec pattern — but I couldn’t live with it as is for any extended period of time. 

We didn’t have a huge budget for re-design; our savings was needed for the adventure itself. While I couldn’t afford to paint, reupholster or do anything major, I had to remove the Aztec. So we got crafty. 

The objective was to neutralize the backdrop of the space, make it livable (as in, easy to clean up when — not if — it gets dirty) and bring color and life through accessories to make this rolling wonder feel like home sweet home to us. Learn more about our redecoration process — including before and after pictures — here on The Blog.